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Complete Cold Email Strategy

Getting your cold email strategy right is crucial in order to achieve your desired marketing goals. This includes clearly defining your target audience, personalising your approach, and creating an irresistible offer to convert leads to paying customers. I can guide you through all of this stages by providing you a persona template to aid you easily map out your ideal lead, personalize your approach, and ensure you are on the right trajectory. For further expert guidance, kindly schedule a consultation session.   

Email Marketing for e-commerce

To successfully manage your e-commerce store and maximize your revenue, you need a winning email marketing strategy to convert leads from paid ads, and fuel repeat purchases from previous customers. To achieve the best results, your retention and acquisition flows should be correctly set up using the right images, and content without forgetting to personalize your approach.

The winning strategy of email marketing is effective personalization, by sending relevant emails based on customers’ activities on your website. Miss this touch and watch your email marketing strategy suffer. For further expert guidance, kindly schedule a consultation session.   

Complete Email Deliverability Setup and Review

Getting your emails sent to the spam folder defeats the goal of email marketing and should be treated with precision. Hitting the spam folder means you’re failing without even getting a shot. So it’s important that you are very conscious of your sending score and domain reputation.

If you are experiencing delivery issues, I can help you review your sending domain and ensure all relevant DNS records are properly setup to ensure deliverability and also offer you some expert advise on how to maintain your sending score, and ensure you always reach the inbox. 

Email Marketing Automation

Email automation is a driver that can be used to pilot major processes in your business so you can focus more attention on other relevant activities in your business. If you spend time qualifying leads, and following up with conversations, then you need an automation process that will help you improve productivity and results.  Let’s talk about your business processes and the goal you intend to achieve with automation and I can offer you help with the best automation strategy that suits your business. 

Email Template Design

As a brand, you need to stand out in every aspect of your marketing, and your emails should not be an exception. Your customers should be eager to see the content you intend to share in your next email. 

If you do not have a branded email for your business or you want a redesign, I can help you create branded email design and content that perfectly portrays your brand value and feel. Book a session and together we can review your current marketing emails.


"Sebastian has spent considerable effort to get the purchase funnel email and provided rich content with very professional write up. I strongly recommend him for all upcoming projects."
Jitendra Luniya
Sebastian gave really thorough and thoughtful input into addressing our email deliverability issues. Rather than just re-stating information that's widely available online, he listened to the specific scenario we are facing and made concrete recommendations. Some of the tooling he suggested is now part of our day-to-day health check system. I strongly recommend speaking to him for any email deliverability issues."
Sitati Kituyi
Sebastian has went above and beyond in getting my welcome flow content created and set up in Klaviyo. He is always availble and response quickly. He also has been very helpful with testing the analytics and consulting me on what changes he reccomends to get higher conversions and open rates."
Tyffani Gresham
Sebastian did a fantastic job! I was having issues with my emails ending up in SPAM, he took me sending score from .8/10 --> 9.5. Sebastian was efficient, took initiative to contact the support team on a platform I use, and provided regular status updates throughout the project. I absolutely recommend Sebastian and will continue to use his expertise when needed."
Andrew Schuessler

My Team

Implementing digital strategies can be a tedious job for a person or two. Working together as a team has always made it easier to implement projects better and faster. I work with a team of professional digital marketers, together we ensure we provide value after every project.

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