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I'm a Digital Marketer specialised in Email Marketing, with a rich background spanning five years. My expertise covers all facets of email marketing, including deliverability, cold emails, and captivating email design. I excel in helping businesses forge strong and lasting relationships with their customers.

What services am I providing?

Email Deliverability

My services focus on optimizing your email campaigns to avoid spam filters and increase open rates. From analyzing your current practices to implementing best practices, I'll work to improve your email deliverability and drive better results for your business. Trust me to help your emails land where they belong – the inbox

Bulk Email Marketing

Launch your bulk email campaign with the right infrastructure in place. I specialize in delivering high-impact campaigns that reach your audience effectively. With a focus on deliverability and engagement, I'll help you create personalized emails that drive results at scale

e-Commerce Email Marketing

Boost your e-commerce success with expert retention and acquisition strategies. I create tailored strategies to drive engagement and sales. From setting up the necessary automated workflows to designing compelling email campaigns, I ensure your messages resonate with your audience. 

Marketing Automation

Streamline your marketing efforts with Marketing Automation. I'll help you automate repetitive tasks, personalize customer interactions, set your marketing emails on autopilot, and drive engagement while you focus on other business needs. 

CRM Implementation

Transforming your customer relationships just got easier. I will streamline your marketing processes, and pipelines, personalize your interactions, and boost your business growth. Partner with me to maximize your CRM to its full potential.

Cold Emailing

Revolutionize your outreach with expert cold email strategies. I specialize in crafting and optimizing personalized cold emails that resonate with your audience. From initial domain setup to ongoing delivery optimization, I'll ensure your campaigns drive results. 

Have a look at my portfolio

Explore my portfolio, where you'll find past project I have completed in email design, deliverability optimization, and successful cold email campaigns. Each project showcases my dedication to helping businesses establish meaningful connections with their audience.

Whether you're looking to enhance your email marketing strategy or start from scratch, I'm here to collaborate and create tailored solutions that meet your goals. Let's work together to elevate your email marketing efforts and drive success for your business.

See Clients Review

Sebastian gave really thorough and thoughtful input into addressing our email deliverability issues. Rather than just re-stating information that’s widely available online, he listened to the specific scenario we are facing and made concrete recommendations. Some of the tooling he suggested is now part of our day-to-day health check system. I strongly recommend speaking to him for any email deliverability issues.

Sitati Kituyi

Sebastian did a fantastic job! I was having issues with my emails ending up in SPAM, he took me sending score from .8/10 –> 9.5. Sebastian was efficient, took initiative to contact the support team on a platform I use, and provided regular status updates throughout the project. I absolutely recommend Sebastian and will continue to use his expertise when needed.”

Andrew Schuessler

Sebastian has went above and beyond in getting my welcome flow content created and set up in Klaviyo. He is always availble and response quickly. He also has been very helpful with testing the analytics and consulting me on what changes he reccomends to get higher conversions and open rates.

Tyffani Gresham

Sebastian is highly knowledgeable about CRM’s, email campaigns, and is creative in his approach to maintaining high email deliverability. He is also patient with his clients. My highest recommendation!

David Schropfer

Used Sebastian to fully automate our emails with Mail Chimp, and he did a great job. Will use him again shortly for another campaign!

Michael Bentley


“Sebastian setup our instantly account and warmed up our leads. He connected Elastic emails and setup the whole flow. (He also wrote some copy for our email campaigns) Thank you for setting us up – we appreciate it!”


Dan Nestelbaum



I’m Sebastian David a Digital Marketer specialized in Email Marketing, with a rich background spanning five years. My expertise covers all facets of email marketing, including deliverability, cold emails, and captivating email design. I excel in helping businesses forge strong and lasting relationships with their customers.

My forte lies in crafting highly personalized cold email strategies that drive lead generation. I meticulously ensure that emails reach only valid contacts and that the content resonates deeply with the target audience.

Collaboration is at the heart of my approach. I work closely with businesses to craft and execute effective email marketing strategies. From designing impactful email templates to creating tailored segments for personalized communication, and setting up efficient automation workflows and CRM management, I ensure that every aspect of your email marketing is optimized for success.

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