Email Deliverability Setup For NREMG

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Project Overview

National Real Estate Management Group (NREMG) is a full-service brokerage, construction, and property management company partnering with investors to manage a broad range of real estate investment needs.

The aim of this project is to aid the team set up its email authentication to ensure quality email delivery and be in compliance with the latest deliverability updates by Google and Yahoo.

Project Implementation

The project started with a discovery call, where we conducted some tests on the sending domain to ascertain the authentication status of the domain.

After the test was completed, I noticed that the DKIM and DMARC records were not set up. 

I ensured that these records were set up, and after a few days, I and the client revised the DMARC records and confirmed that all was properly set up.

Project Period

2 Weeks

Email Service provider


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